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Moving large number of inactive archives

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Hello all,

For a customer we are planning a migration to a new EV platform. This customer has >20K of inactive archives that need to be preseved for a number of years. Looking at Enterprise Vault Move Archive Feature Overview, I see that moving an archive needs either the following on the target environment: a new archive, an existing active or inactive archive. In archive present on the target.

1. Am I correct to say that I need >20K new archives, as I only have inactive archives with no AD / MBX account, so I need to create them first...with MBX and enable them for archiving?

 2. Is this the same for moving archives within an EV site and between EV sites? Was hoping that within an EV site I did not need to perform step 1.

(reason I don't know is that we are in discussion whether to extend EV or to setup a new EV (site))

Thanks for your help in this


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Hi Bert,

I have been moving a much lesser number of 'inactive' archives from site a to site b. As far as I recall, there was no need to create the target-archives. EV11 Admin guide states:

"You can also move an inactive archive in the source site to an existing inactive archive or to a new archive in the destination site."

I assume you know, but be advised that you might need to tweak the cfg files to prevent the move to 'wait for backup'. And, it is not fast. I moved archives from Ireland to NL, about 2000, and that took about 11 months, but I am not sure about the number of items and total size. I think it was something like 5TB. 


Regards. Gertjan

If Move Archive isn't sufficient for you, you should consider a third party application, like our ArchiveShuttle.

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Hi GertJan,

thanks for the reply. As you quoted: "You can also move an inactive archive in the source site to an existing inactive archive or to a new archive in the destination site." The catch is that there has to be an "existing inactive" or "new archive" in the target. In both situations it means that I have to have a target archive to migrate to --> ergo I have to create it first --> need a mailbox for this.

I will try to test if I can go around this as you mentioned, but I need to move 120+ TB slow is not an option :)

Hi Rob,

Thanks. We are planning to use 3rd party tooling for the move. So far I have found that all tooling requires a target archive to be available, either existing (inactive or active) or new. In all situations, that archive needs to be created first. This means: temp create AD account, create MBX and then create archive and move it...or make it inactive first by removing AD/MBX after the archive has been created.

Until so far I see no other way...which is cumbersome.

Perhaps a future version will allow inactive archives to be moved with no dependency on the target. EV environments will become larger and the amount of inactives as well..

ArchiveShuttle does *not* require a target archive to exist.

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