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Remove EVPM folders

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We have some folders created in Outlook with an EVPM script that have differing retention categories.

Is it possible to remove these folders? If so what happens to the mail items that are stored in them? The users can create sub-folders under the root folder as well.

Or can we remove the retention categories associated with them?


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Currently, it is not possible to delete or rename folders inside mailboxes via the EVPM tool to rename or delete a folder like it can create folders. You can try to write your own MAPI script to do that or use third party tools.

Yes, you can change the retention category of those folders by using the steps documented in this article:



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You can reassign the folders a new Retention Category, like VirgilDobos said. You can also remove the filters entirely by zapping the mailboxes, though this will require re-enabling them for archiving afterward.


EV/EVPM is not able to delete the folders for you. This thread has a pretty good example of how to do it via EWS and PowerShell.


If you delete the folder from the mailbox, obviously any mail items stored in it will also be removed. However, the corresponding folder in the archive, along with the archived items in it, will continue to exist.