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New II TEC Podcast: Use Cases for Information Map

Hi all, I'm pleased to announce this week's II TEC podcast is available...Use Cases for Information Map (12 mins)In this episode, II TEC Evan Barrett talks to Veritas Group Product Manager, Darren Locke about how customers are using Veritas Informati...

Resolved! Adding new exchange server

Hi All,Having a weird issue. We are trying to add a new exchange server to the EV system but it states it cannot find the exchange server. We are able to ping the server as well as terminal service into the server. No errors are popping up. It is on ...

Rdosramos by Level 5
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Resolved! Clear DoNotArchive flags

Hi!Our customer has one mailbox with several folders with DoNotArchive Flags.This is an old one mailbox which is re-activated. Now it's not allowed to use Full-Client to unmark the folders.Further it's not allowed to use the Regkey ClearDoNotArchive ...

Kai_Schröer by Level 5
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Resolved! External access to attachment links in a multiserver EV environment

Hi folks,We have an EV environment with 3 EV servers archiving about 12k mailboxes (same Exchange org), all running both Index and Storage roles. For external access, we published evserver1.The requirement is to display the attachments as links withi...

VirgilDobos by Moderator
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MBX Archiving task hangs

Hello,We have a strange issue with archiving tasks. We have 4 PRD Exchange servers and MBX archiving tasks for them. Scheduled tasks, Run Now and Sync of all mailboxes work properly only for the first one, but when it launches by Schedule or I do it ...

EV11 - SQL uery for expiry

Hello all,I am asked to figure out what would be expired from Journal Archives on 31-05-2017, based on the retention for the archive. I know the retention obviously. There is currently no expiry running.I'm looking for a query that returns:ArchiveNam...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Audit journal searches

Is it possible to audit search queries if we give users access to the journal stores? So we can see who searched for what via Outlook or the Web search interface?We don't have auditing configured but we have an EV mail archiving server and a dedicate...

Performance Vs Archival Deletion

Hi,We have Enterprise Vault 12 for Exchange 2010 and doing a massive clean-up of old mailbox archives with manual deletions from console. The Technote - has been referred for this exercise. Some...

Office 365 Journal Archiving

HiIf a customer is about to implement O365 and wants the use EV11.0.1 SMTP journal archiving - does the EV need to be installed from the start as the customer is not yet ready to implement EV but wants to move to 0365 asap.What I'm getting at is real...

CadenL by Moderator
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synchronisation of mailbox rights

Hi,We use ev11 for exhange archiving.When we apply mailbox rights, these rights aren't applied on the archive any more.When I do a manual synchronize of the mailbox properties and permissions, they also aren't being applied.I checked the rights of th...

JB22 by Level 5
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Vault 10 - shortcut not matching archived email

Unfortunately we are still on EV for exchange, hopefully to 11 in Q1 '17.I have at least 4 users on one server of 500+ email/exchange archives who have several shortcuts that dont match the archived emailed item, indeed for some of the sh...

AengusM by Level 4
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EV 12 32bit and 64bit Outlook add-ins?

Anyone know if the 32 bit Outlook add-in in EV 12 is dependent on the Windows OS or the Outlook (32 or 64 bit)? So, if you have 32 bit Outlook, do you have to use the 32 bit add-in or does it go on the OS? 

how to automatize archive deletion of retired users

Hi,first of all, it's an advantage that EV keeps the Archive after Mailbox disconnection or AD-User deletion.But in large-scale Organizations, the non-deletion of archives leads to an issue.I didn't find any really helpful topics. https://www.veritas...

FLX by Level 4
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Retention Category not updating (Archive or Itens)

I need helpI environment is:Exchange 2010 SP3 RU 15Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 (Original instalaion EV 8.0, upgraded)Outlook 2010 with Outlook add'ins V10.0.0.1354Up to now, nobody could delete message from there archive. Not the ask me to see what is ne...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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Keep certain mails in archive longer

Hi,One of our users would like to keep mails archived for a longer periode of time than the default in the archiving policy.We use enterprise vault 11 with exchange 2010.My first idea was to create the additional retention category and with evpm appl...

JB22 by Level 5
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Enterprise Vault Search Usability Study

Hi there,  I am writing because we are looking for people who might be interested in participating in a 60 min long remote usability study for Enterprise Vault Search(EVS). Obtaining feedback from actual users is one of the important ways we can ensu...

AmolB by Moderator
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EV12.1 Broke search

Upgrading to 12.1 broke our search using IE11, get a compatibility bar at the top of the screen saying 'This website is best viewed with IE9 or later'!!!!Anyone else seen this, nkow how to fix it?

skiwi by Level 3
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