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SMTP archives permission

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Is there a way to give specific permissions on all SMTP archives at once to a particular user?
I know there's EVPM for Exchange and Domino archives, and I need the same for SMTP.
Doing archives one by one takes ages.

Thanks a lot!

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Which EV Version. I know in 12 there is a powershell cmdlet which let you do that: Set-EVArchivePermission

Regards. Gertjan


Thanks for your answer Gertjan. Our EV version is 12.3.2.

I read about the Set-EVArchivePermission cmdlet, however, I need to specify a particular archiveID name each time.


Set-EVArchivePermission [-ArchiveId] <String> [-Trustee] <String> [-Grant <AccessRight[]> {Read | Write | Delete | All}] [-Deny <AccessRight[]> {Read | Write | Delete | All}] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] [<CommonParameters>]

Is there a way to select all archives at once?



Best regards.


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Hello again,

You could perhaps use the pipe command:

get-evarchive | Set-EVArchivePermission -Trustee DOMAIN\ACCOUNT -Grant Read -Confirm:$false


that will do it for all archives, and you stated you need this for the SMTP archives only. There is an object called ArchiveType, which is ARCHIVE_TYPE_SMTP, but I am not sure how that would work. Maybe you can first get all archiveid's from the get-archive, then put the smtp id's in a list, the have set-evarchivepermission loop through that list. I am however not sure how to do that :)



Regards. Gertjan


I would be OK with giving the rights on all archives (including non-SMTP ones), however, the cmdlet returns the error :

"Set-EVArchivepermission : The term 'Set-EVArchivepermission' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function,
script file, or operable program. Check the spelling of the name, or if a path was included, verify that the path is
correct and try again."

Reading the documentation, it looks like the cmdlet Set-EVArchivepermission was only implemented in 12.4.

I guess I need to do it manually for each archive :(


Best regards,

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Darn. I did check the get-evarchive, not the set-evarchivepermission (12.3).

I have not tried using EVPM to set permission on SMTP archives, but below pwershell script can create the .ini file for evpm from a csv. (not my script, a colleague figured this out)

Create CSV file with Archivename, Account to create ini file for evpm. You need to add the default lines for evpm (directory/site), but the ini file will work. I used this for adding new domain accounts to existing archives. You might be able to replace ($item.ADACount) by the actual account (Domain\Account), but that requires testing. When the inifile is created, use 3 easily checked archives for your testrun.

Import-Module ImportExcel

$items = Import-CSV "d:\input_Permission.CSV"

$ini = ""

ForEach ($item in $items) {
$ini += "[ArchivePermissions]`r`n"
$ini += "ArchiveName = $($item.Aname)`r`n"
$ini += "GrantAcess = read write delete, $($item.ADACount)`r`n"
$ini += "`r`n"}

$ini | Out-File "H:\output_Permission.ini" -Encoding unicode

Regards. Gertjan