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Troubleshooting a mailbox that will not archive in Enterprise Vault

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I need some advice on how to troubleshoot a mailbox that will not move to vault.  I received this ticket a while back for I think about a 100 GB mailbox that had to be vaulted.  I couldn't get it to vault.  So, I copied the user's mailbox to PST in 2 year chunks.  I then created her a brand new mailbox and set her up for vault.  I am now importing each 2 year chunk into her mailbox and then force vaulting her mailbox.  It worked for about 6 years worth of email.  Now I'm stuck again and nothing new will move to vault.  

Attached is part of the Dtrace.


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Hi there,

Why don't you try to import the PSTs directly into the user's archive?


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As Virgil says, import the PST's directly into the archive. That will make sure all items are in the archive, and there will not be a quota issue (as example...) blocking archiving.

From your tracefile, it might have to do with your archiving policy:

Minimum Size 4096KB|  Do not archive items younger than 60 Days

So, if an item is younger than 60 days (modified date in Outlook) = no archiving

If item is older than 60 days, but smaller than 4MB, no archiving.

You also opted to not create shortcuts. This will leave the items as is in the mailbox. I suspect the quota is reached, and EV cannot read items anymore from the mailbox. If this mailbox needs to be archived, I suggest you either change your policy, or create a new one specifically for this mailbox (use provisioning to target mailbox). set as: create shortcut, use messagebody as content, archive everything older than 30 days, no size limit.


Regards. Gertjan