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Update of shortcut content

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I'm running a shortcut content update of one mailbox but it seems to be taking a very long time. THe shortcut processing task runs for about 50 seconds but im still seeing shotcuts update days later and only in batches everynow and again. Is this normal activity for the update process?

There is no other archiving activity going on.


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Hello Rob,

Are you doing this using the registry key? RestoreShortcutBody?

The KB article has a monitoring suggestion at the bottom.

Regards. Gertjan

Hi, The process is fairly intensive and could take a very long time depending on the amount of items in the mailbox.  Each item has to be inspected to determine if it requires an update. The monitoring suggested previously would be the way to validate.   There is a lot of SQL/Index checks being performed and SQL framentation could slow the process down.  



Yeah ive seen that but how long does one watch something for. Its not a great way of determining how long its going to take to complete or is it ever going to update all shortcuts. Some still havent updated more than a week later.

It might be a valid solution to check progress but unfortunately its not a very good nor realistic one.