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Upgrade 5.0 SP3 -> 6.0 SP1 questions

Level 4

We just upgraded from 5.0 to 6.1, and I have a couple of questions:

1. Archiving items now takes considerably longer in 6.0 SP1. Up to 8 minutes for the icon to change on a single item. Is this a known change, or something I can look into further, and if the latter, where should I start?

2. Backups.....previously, we could back up with the vault in 'read-only' mode. Now, if I read this correctly, we have to stop all services to back up the vault. Am I correct in this understanding? Is there any way to runt he backups as before, with the vault in read-only mode?



Level 6
Hi Tom,

I'm not sure why it takes 8 minutes to change. I don't believe anything should have changed to make it so much slower.

You can still do online backups. Look in the administrator's guide.pdf. Under the section controlling Enterprise Vault services, read the online backup section.