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User cannot select retention category

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I would like to allow users to both select the retention category from the Outlook add-in dropdown when they're manually archiving an item as well as change an archived item's retention category once it's already been vaulted.

I know there must be a policy setting I'm missing somewhere preventing my users from seeing a dropdown box when they go to archive an item. Can anyone knock me over the head with the answer?


Employee Accredited Certified

AFAIK. The feature that you are refering to is not yet available in Enterprise Vault.

Retention Category is set in one of the following ways...

 1) During Archiving

 2) During Classification (available in EV12.0 and above)

 3) When item is moved from one folder to another with different Retention category

I will make a note of your requirement and pass it on to the concerned person.

Maybe I should've broken this out into two questions:

1) I was wondering how to allow users to select a retention category from the dropdown menu when manually archiving a file in Outlook. We were definitely able to do this in previous versions of Evault, I just can't find the policy that locks this down.

2) I wanted to know how to change the retention category of messages already archived. It looks like this would only be possible for me on EV10.0.4 by moving the item to another folder with a different retention category.

Regarding #1, do you know where I should look (in the policies?) to configure allowing the user to choose retention category at time of manual archival?

Regarding #2, do you know where I should look for how to set up retention categories based on folder? Is that a folder in the mailbox or in the archive or what?

Thank you very much.

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Partner Accredited Certified

For Question 1 - Your Outlook Client behavior is probably set to 'Light' if you're not seeing the Retention dropdown menu.  It should be set to 'Full' if you want the behavior of selecting retention and/or archives (if they have write access to multiple archives).  That setting is in the corresponding Desktop Policy under Advanced.  Select the Outlook properties, and I believe the setting is actually 'Outlook Client Behavior'.

For Question 2 - You have two choices there:  Either use Exchange Managed Folders (Something rather difficult to do in later versions of Exchange), or utilize Enterprise Vault Policy Manager scripts to set the archive/retention policies on specific folders.  Providing full details on how to configure the scripts here would take up way too much text, but there is the Utilities.pdf document in the Administrator documents section of the EV binaries which provides all the information you need to set up those scripts.  Chapter 25 in the 11.0.1 version.

Hope that helps!