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Problem with Import pst on Office 365

Good evening. We are migrating from Exchange 2007 on-premises to Office 365. I imported a .pst that I had exported via the export function of EV but I have a problem. By the web interface of office 365 we don't see the messages but only a preview:...

Move Archive between domains

Hello, I have an odd situation.  I have a domain(A) where we have EV 10.0.4. On the other domain(B), we are implementing EV (it's in test phase). I have a user who got transferred from domain A to B, currently his mailbox and archive still resides...

Davey7 by Level 3
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File Blocking Rules Reuse

I'm setting up File Screening in EV 11. I have created several Volume policies and several File blocking rules. I need to use the same file blocking rules on different policies but it seems like you cannot reuse the file blocking rules and have to re...

shocko by Level 4
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Resolved! Question related to Exch Online and Enterprise Vault 12

Hello, our company is migrating users mailboxes to Exchange online. In Germany, we will still need Enterprise Vault to fulfil archiving requirements. I now try to cover information from the whitepapers regarding the future scenario of our Vault Env...

Andy297 by Level 4
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EV11 Directory on localhost - add DR server not possible

Hello all, The joy of taking over old environments. I have 1 EV server in a domain called, EV 11 is installed, and running. Opening Console shows "Directory on Localhost". Server has an alias in same domain. A new server was build called 2...

GertjanA by Moderator
Partner    VIP    Accredited Certified
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EV File Blocking - file rename protection

I have a site running EV 11 SP1, and we have file blocking configured for NetApp filers (using a Windows proxy). I have a question regarding protection against users (or viruses) renaming a file on the protected file system / share.  The current con...

SYMAJ by Level 6
Partner Accredited
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Archive completed outlook tasks only

Hi, we want to archive only tasks in outlook which are in the status "completed".  Is there a possibility to configure ev to do that?   EV Version: 11.0.1 CHF 4 OS Version: Windows 2008 R2

EV 10.0.4; Partitions stuck in mark for deletion

Hi all. We want to delete the whole VSG. The VSG contain 2 VS with 2 Partititions. All archives are deleted as we see in VAC, SQL-Query and DTrace. We get this Information for both VS: (StorageDelete) <13344> EV:L  CDeleteVault::DeleteVaultStore ...

Kai_Schröer by Level 5
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! Outlook 2013 and Event ID 3433

Hi, I seem to be getting lots of the below logged. I have the RecipientMax and AttachmentMax registry values set but only on the Outlook 2007 "12.0" branch (set by the EV install), now I have Outlook 2013 but the values are not in the "15.0" branch....

Elio_C by Level 6
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EV 9.0.3 to 11.0.1 Upgrade

Hello All, We are looking to upgrade our EV 9.0.3 installation to 11.0.1. We have purchase new hardware for this project and are going over our steps for testing this upgrade. I know that we will need to upgrade to 10.0.4 and then to 11.0.1. We have...

RPC over HTTP detection

I have implemented EV 12.0.1 to archive email in an Exchange 2013 scenario. Most end users use Outlook 2016. When a user is outside the corporate network the Vault add-in does not detect RPC over HTTP is enabled even though Outlook Anywhere is in use...

Garrido by Not applicable
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Target database missing in dag

Hi all. I have two server exchange 2020 in dag, one mailbox database. For first server i create mailbox archiving task and in target database i have my db. I switch exchange database in second mailbox server, create mailbox archiving task but in tar...

Italy01 by Level 2
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