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Windows Offline Folders And EV File Archiving

Level 3

Some of our users make use of windows offline folders, we are finding that when they sync their offline folders, some of the files in the folders that have been archived by EV will error stating that 'the remote storage service was unable to recall the file'. There doesn`t seem to be any particular pattern to this - it happens on small and larger files. It results in those files not being properly synced for offline access. We use EV6 sp2. No errors appear on either the EV server event log or the file server log that holds the files Its almost as if there is a trmeout setting somewhere because subsequent syncs will sync some of the files that would not sync on previous syncs. Also, looking in the offline files folder and maanually syncing indvidual files that are not fully synced results in them being synced ok. Would like to fix this issue!!


Level 6
Since they are syncing files, I would assume they are doing multiple files. There is a recall limit on how many files a user can retrieve from EV at once. This is to prevent users from accidentally retrieving everything from EV and overloading the server. There is a registry.chm file that came with your EV software. Look under File System Archiving and read the ByPassRecallLimitsForAdmins, RecallLimitMaxRecalls and the RecallLimitTimeInterval keys for more information.

I believe you can pull this info from the EV help as well.

Level 3
thanks - those registry keys did just the trick!