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Resolved! PST Migration

Hi, I will be needing to import a large number of PST files for about 80 users into our vault. Is it easier to use PST migration components or use manual import PST process. Do I need an additional licenses for using PST Migration under EV? I do see ...

EVRocks by Level 5
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Resolved! Rebuild index fail

We are using EV 10.0.1, WHen I rebuild the index, it will fail, although if I retry , it will resume but it will fail again. The error " THe rebuild subtast has failed" Error Code 57 , Description : Error reported with no detail. Any Idea? Do I need ...

Resolved! How to force Archiving Rule change for all users. EV 10

We are using EV 10.1 whith quota base archiving and we have a override setting " do not archive emails younger than 3 months. I have change the archiving override rule from 3 months to 1 month but still for some users its not archiving the youger tha...

Resolved! IgnoreArchiveBitTrigger.old is not being created

Hello, I'm backing up my EV Server with Veeam Backup, part of the scripting solutionI I have to reset the archive bit using the IgnoreArchiveBitTrigger.text file which will be placed in the root directory of the VS. As per Symantec, this file shoul...

Resolved! Class not registered Error | Reinstall Enterprise Vault

Hi,   we have an corrupted EV 9 with SP1 Installation located on a Windows 2008 Server. Synchronizing, Enabling, Disabling Users are all failing with a "Class not registered" error. I checked the KB, but there is only a solution for Windows 2003 whic...

vmds by Level 5
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From 2009 to 2013, enterprises will purchase and install 20 times more terabytes of storage than they did in 2008 (Gartner). The cost of information management is a big concern and eDiscovery has become a CEO-level issue.  The growing mountain of dig...

jjakub by Level 2
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Resolved! Archive search on EV server displays only one name

We are running EV 9.0 for Exchange in our environment. I am trying to search all vaults from the EV server using the search option in the EV console. The browser search fails consistantly with an http 500 error. Is the search just timing out? Is ther...

Resolved! update vault quota for a user

Hello all, We are running EV version 10.0.1 - Exchange 2010 SP2 Our default vault quota for all users is 5GB, but I need to increase this to 10GB for one user only. I am lost on how to accomplish this in Vault. Can some one guide me to correct docume...

Resolved! Deleting Archived Items in Exchange

Hallo, Yesterday I had a call from an employee that he missed about 2000 eMails. I checked his Mailbox and his Archive : Outlook Shows about 2000 eMails (Stubfiles) <=> Archiveexplore shows only 7 After some research I found out, that he moved the mi...

NSeel by Level 3
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault and disk defragmentation ?

Hi, Does anyone here can give a comment and insight of whether the Enterprise Vault is better off to be defragged or left running as it is ? I got one of the sales people chasing me up and suggesting me that Enterprise Vault server even as Virtual Ma...

Resolved! Windows search

Hi, I'm using Outlook 2010, Win7, EV10 SP1 backend, outlook add-in 10SP2.  I have a virtual vault set up.  When I go to Start, and search for something, it brings up Outlook message, vault cache, and files and programs with that term.  If i select va...

Sortid by Level 6
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Resolved! Errors 2776 and 2270

Hi All,    When I restart the services I get the following errors non stop.      Event Type: Error Event Source: Enterprise Vault  Event Category: Archive Task  Event ID: 2776 Date: 25/10/2012 Time: 01:38:54 User: N/A Computer: EVSERVER.avusa.johnnic...

Resolved! Decoupling enterprise vault components

Hello Everyone, I'm trying to design a scalable Enterprise vault deployment and wondering to what degree decoupling various EV components contribute to scalability. For e.g., based on the performance guide, a given server can archive 60K messages per...

ecrgvp by Level 4
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Resolved! Granular Restore

Hi. I'm new here and learning about EV. I have a costumer that wants to backup an old storage vault and then get some free space in his storage. I want to know if it´s possible after this backup, make a granular restore from a e-mail of a user. I´ve ...

Flamoraes by Level 2
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Resolved! Migrating data to new storage and dvs date

We're migrating are vault store data from an MSA to EMC Isilon and currently using em copy program provided by EMC to copy the data to the isilon. That is all going fine but we noticed that the modified date on the .dvs files change to when the copy ...