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No permission to search folder

Dear All, I have a strange problem. I enabled my mailbox to do the archiving.But I failed to search anything due to no permission. Would you please do I need to grant right to the archived mailbox manually for every users ?Or something go wrong after...

Fail to do the mailbox archiving

Dear All, I have completed upgrade my EV from version 6 to 2007 with SP2.Journal archiving is ok.But when I tried to start to do the mailbox archiving in Outlook,there are 2 error messages in the EV server. Please help !! Regards,Tommy --------------...

Setting permissions on folders within an archive

I'm not sure if this is possible but we have a shared exchange mailbox called Mailbox1 and we have imported two PST's into a Vaulted archive, PST1 and PST2.  PST1 has shortcuts in Folder1 and PST2 has shortcuts in Folder2 of the exchange mailbox. We ...

gluppy by Level 3
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Non-Outlook 'PST' Files

Part 1.  Client has an application that creates PST files that have nothing to do with Outlook.  I don't want to import them, but it is impossible to distinguish them in the 'Files' list after the PST Locator runs.  The end-goal is to set the Disable...

Aaron_Mears by Level 4
Employee Accredited Certified
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Resolved! Provisioning Task attempts to talk to all DCs

In our organization, we have dozens of different domains. Within the Vault, a site provisioning task wants to communicate with every domain controller it can, whether that domain is on the Vault or not. Is this something that is hard coded into the s...

cannot create new store

hello, I have an issue with a fresh install of Enterprise Vault 2007 SP2 and initial configuration. EV was installed as described in documentation.When trying to create new store I get an error: "Unable to connect to the storage service on SERVER NAM...

Marked for Deletion

I have currently configured FSA Volume policy to delete archive files when placeholders are deleted. But when i delete placeholders, the status shows as "Marked for Deletion" and the files are not being deleted.When does this "Marked for Deletion" qu...

MANUFAN by Level 3
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Change Outlook shortcut icon

Hi there, I'm new to EV.  Just installed my second instance and I'm already being asked how we can change the shortcut icon displayed in Outlook to something else besides the "unopened" item icon. Thanks, Eric

edegrass by Level 2
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archive personal folder

Hello, I use this script for my setting into the personal folder is right? [Directory]directorycomputername = evsitename = evsite[Filter]name = filter1CreateShortcut = trueDeleteOriginal = trueunreadMAIL = falseUseInactivityPeriod = trueInactivityUni...

9910305 by Level 3
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Resolved! .NSF File Migration?

I heard a rumor that EV 2007 SP2 supported migrating .NSF files in addition to already being able to migrate .PST files. Can anyone confirm this? I haven't been able to locate anything about this in the documentation.

Shift/Delete in Outlook

When an Outlook users does a shift+delete on a message they want to permanently delete, how does EV handle that?  Will EV still capture and archive that message?

Permissions Read-only on the Admin Console

Hi Is there anyway I can delegate read-only permissions on the Admin Console for Enterprise Vault 2007. In the Authorization Manager I don't see this option... or ? Thanks  

EBK by Level 4
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault for two Exchange Servers

Dear All, If I have two Exchange Servers (NOT join as clustering), do I need to add these two Exchange Serversto the Enterprise Vault in the console ? Or I just need to add one of them, and then perform archiving through that one for the two Exchange...