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command to delete a folder in vault

Level 5


May I know is any command to permanentyly delete a folder in Vault in EV server? Since I have a user who has 30K email in this folder and he doesn't do it in Outlook.




Level 6

You can delete any folder just by right-clicking it in EV Search and choosing Delete.


However, it must be empty (no items and no subfolders) for the deletion to succeed.

There is not (as far as I know) any override command that allows you to delete a folder that still has items in it.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for your information, we are still using EV ver 11 so cannot delete folder in EV Search. is any easy to do that in EV 11 environment?

No, in EV 11 the only built-in way to delete a folder is to use the DeleteEmptyFolders registry setting. Veritas Partners have the additional ability to write an application that uses the Content Management API to delete folders (again, only empty ones).