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still allowed to delete items

Level 4

Hey guys I hope all of you doing well,

I just discovered something and I want to know if it's usual behaviour.
I'm still able to delete items using the ArchiveExplorer, or the direct webpage .../EnterpriseVault/search/shell.aspx
I simply select the item using right click and then select "Delet item", after a few minutes it's deleted.

Here is the configuration:
"Users can delete items from their archives" is activated on site level
"Delete from Vault" is not enabled as "on Toolbar" is.

Best Regards,


Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified

Hi Baschi,

Assuming that the 'Delete from Vault' setting is from your Exchange Desktop Client policy, what you're experiencing is expected behavior, yes.

That setting only applies to the Outlook client.  Changing the behavior on the web client depends on what your EV version is and whether you're using the old or new search interface.

Level 6

Following on from the last response:

If you're using EV Search (the "new" search in EV 11 and later) then you control the availability of the Delete button using the Search Policy > Features tab > Allow delete operations. The Search Policy is targeted at sets users via Client Provisioning Groups.

If you're using the legacy web applications (Browser Search and Archive Explorer in EV 10 and earlier) then you control the availability of the Delete button using the Webapp.ini file, specifically the ArchiveExplorerDelete, ISDeleteButton, and BSDeleteButton values. These settings apply to each Enterprise Vault server on which you create the WebApp.ini file. Best practice is that the WebApp.ini files match across all servers, so users get a consistent experience no matter which EV server handles their web session.


Note that in both cases, these settings only control the presence or absence of the delete button in the interface. A requested deletion still has to clear the usual hurdles before it succeeds:

  • "Users can delete items from their archives" site setting
  • "Prevent user deletion of items with this category" Retention Category setting
  • "Allow deletion of archived items and of this archive" advanced Archive setting
  • Discovery Accelerator's legal holds
  • Delete permissions to the archive