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Cannot submit a tech case in MySupport

Level 2

I have to say I am pretty steamed about this.  I tried submitting my first case in Symantec MySupport since the web revamp (ID change, etc).

Evidently, the case submission engine has been changed as well.  I managed to figure out how to fill out the fields for Problem Type, Product Name, Product Version, Platform, Platform version, and Brief description of problem.  Not especially hard to do, just different and more difficult/clunky than before the change.

Finally, there is a section that asks whether you want to submit the case, or whether the troubleshooting options (web links) it put up on a side bar helped so that you don't need to submit the case after all.  (These had nothing to do with my question/topic.)  So, when you click "Continue" to submit the case, you are rewarded with a sterile, blank white web page.

This happened both using IE7, IE8 and Google Chrome.  This is not acceptable - is there someone internal to ping (or SHOUT OUT to) to let them know there is a major problem?

Thanks in advance,

Rich Caserta


Level 6

I would try contacting Customer Care. They may be able to locate the correct department that can resolve the issue.


I hope that works for you.