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Computer with the case of the slows - Norton 360 ccsvchst problem?

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For the past several days my computer has been running extremely slow (10 - 15 minutes to launch a program or to open a window). Full shutdown does not solve the problem. During shutdown I have to click end now for ccsvchst in order for the shutdown to proceed. I have a Dell laptop with XP professional and Norton 360 version which I installed late last year.

I ran the Norton patch SymRegFix.exe, but it reported no registry errors and performance is unchanged. 

I tried uninstalling Norton360 in order to reinstall, but was unsuccessful.  It says to cancel the Liveupdate that is running, but I cannot see how to cancel the currently running Liveupdate.  On the Settings page, it does notallow me to uncheck Liveupdate.

Based on the postings on this forum this appears to be a common problem, but it is not clear to me what the latest and best solution/fix is. Guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Level 3
Upgrde your version Norton 360 Ver 3

Level 4
To cancel your Live update, you could go in Task Manager and try to kill the process. You also might want to scan your PC with another anti-virus to make sure your not infected.