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Unable Access Second Partition After Formatting Primary Partition

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I recently had fully encrypted hard disk (Toshiba mq01abd075), operating system (Windows 7 Professional), two partition. C (146 GB) and D (548 GB) and 4 GB Unallocated space.

I ran the system restore for partition C, after which I was unable to access the operating system. I reinstalled the operating system partition C. I installed PGP WDE, when I entered in the program, partition D does not appear to be decrypted. Partition D appears in My Computer (0 bytes), in computer management at disk management appear 548 GB RAW. If I double click on it ask me for Format, but i've never click Yes, so the second partition was never touch after the problem.After this I reinstalled twice the OS.

Now I have windows 8.1 but stil,but still I have not touch the second partition.

I've tried to decrypt the drive with a few tutorials such as(WinPE and put the hard disk as second partition):

Give me various errors suchs as:

"Could not locate valid BGFS record. Recovey failed! Operation recover disk failed: Error code -11984 item not found" or "Disk 1 is not instrumented by bootguard" and others.

I know was my fault. Please give me a solution.

P.S: Sorry for my english, I'm not native and please move this topic if it was not posted properly