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Hi Guys,

Sorry to post this item here but I've not been able to find a suitable place to contact Symantec on either the tech or customer care support areas for my problem.  In the Customer Support Assistance page there's not even an email address.  Hopefully someone from Symantec is monitoring the forum and will steer me in the right direction.

I'm specifically having problems with the eLibrary .  I'm trying to view the following

and the video just freezes when it gets to the Server Configuration chapter.  My internet connectivity and performance is fine.

This is on top of generally poor performance of the Symantec site in the mornings. 

We are located on the Sydney Australia time zone and locale time is 11:30 AM



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Level 2

Thanks Pete,

Yes I did go there but for my region there is only a phone number even though at the top of the page it says

"Contact Customer Support by Phone or Email"

I got diverted, then put on hold and I gave up after waiting for quite some time.

There is a fax number on the page - maybe I will try that





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as you would have tried for your region the Telephone: 1800 808 089

to contact them on email , i suggest to open a web case using mysupport


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You can email the team in Education Services who support the eLibrary at

Thanks for reaching out.