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Sending files to Veritas for technical support cases using https, sftp, ftp

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Please see

Methods to provide data for Technical Support cases

(KMdoc 000097935) for more details about how to send files to technical support cases. These methods have changed in the last year or so.

  • Direct file transfer to an existing case via the My.Veritas web portal using existing Veritas Account credentials.
  • Direct file transfer using a file transfer website ( )
  • Direct file transfer using SecureFTP (s
  • File transfer during an active Webex support session
  • FTP transfer to a designated folder using credentials provided by Technical Support.
  • Other product specific methods are also available.

When a case is opened on the web portal files can be directly uploaded by the case contact using https. Other methods require the agent to send an "Evidence Request" from the case or provide extra details prior to use.

Please note that the plain ftp upload service is now only available on, is subject to acceptance of a legal disclaimer statement, and should not be used when the https or sftp service could be used.  See "How to use to provide files to Veritas - March 2016 onward" (KMDoc 000106883) for details and limitation of the ftp service.

Email attachments over 5MB sent to Veritas support will be rejected at the service gateway.

File can be collected from support using the https & sftp services described above.



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Great post Clive! Just a pity this is in a forum with hardly any visitors...

The post should be a Featured item in each of the product forums.

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What is size limit for any data to be uploaded from ?