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Symantec Installation Manager - Install and Update

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Trying to install a trialware version of the IT Management Suite. I have downloaded the Symantec Installation Manager to attempt to complete this process and when I install and then launch it, it needs to update. When I select the 'Upfate Now' it then asks for contact details. When I complete these it tells me I am unauthorised to download the updated version. On searching the internet there could be numerous reasons for this, but one possibility (TECH41505) is that it is cross referencing the details that I am entering with the account I created before downloading the Symantec Installation Manager. Can someone confirm if these are the details that is checking against, or suggest other lines of investigation I could use.

FYI, I am trying to install on a virtual server with a 64-bit version of Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 installed. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated