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Unable to set trust level to Implicit for version 10.3.1

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We were on PGP desktop version 9.8, windows XP.

Then we just upgraded to Windows 7 and PGP version 10.3.1.


I was unable to import my old private key that my coworker and I shared and was unable mark it private so I just created a new key in v10.3.1.

When I look at my key I see it is private, I see the trust is Implicit and it is a blue key and verified.

I then added an address of a coworker so we can share the same key to decrypt a file when it comes to us.  This way we have a backup person to decrypt.

I exported the key, she imported the key and she is then unable to mark the trust as Implicit. 

Implicit is greyed out. She has the choices of None, Marginal or Trust but not Implicit.

I have read all that I could seeking an answer but I am unable to find the answer as to why Implicit is greyed out and how do I get this to a private key for her as well?


Help, Thank you!