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Waledac id and removal problem

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I've got Norton AV installed and have been blacklisted at who have told me they have detected a waledac spambot on my IP adress (which is a NAT wireless router system). I've run four scans with different av programmes (Norton, ESET, SPYDOCTOR and SpyBot S&D) but have not found this trojan although it has found other things I have now removed. I looked for the specified corrupt files that were identified along with the altered registry keys and none of them are on my pc or the other pc that is linked to this IP address. cbl are adamant that the waledac is the cause and yet I can find no sign of it on my pc.

Any suggestions?

Level 6
Please read the W32.Waledac removal instructions here:

BTW, this site is for Enterprise customers, and you should post to the Norton community in the future.