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Weekly Worker Report for SD 7.1

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Hoping someone else has asked for the same thing but i am in need of a weekly worker report for SD 7.1.  I have been sucessful in creating a report that show all workers but i dont want this report to go out to everyone and see everybody elses open tickets.  Our old Altirs 6.5 had a weekly report that went out that showed the following.  I hope i can get the same outcome. that report is below.  I have messed around with the out of box reports but it still does not give me what i want. 


Thanks in advanced for your help.


Open Tickets: 3

Planned Work Items: 0
Incidents Closed Today: 0
Incidents Closed in the Last 5 Days: 0
Incidents Edited in the Last 5 Days: 1

Incidents by Priority:
ASAP Priority: 0
High Priority: 0
Medium Priority: 5
Low Priority: 0
Planned Priority: 0