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User Experience for Information Map

Another introduction... I'm Kevin Fitzsimons and I work in the User Experience (UX) team at Veritas, primarily on Information Map.

The UX team is heavily focussed on continuous improvement of the Information Map user experience, as well as designing for new functionality. As part of this, we have a rolling programme of research with users of the product, and we're always seeking real-world feedback and insights to help refine the design of the product going forward. It's a great opportunity for you to make your voice heard and provide inputs direct to the development team.

If you'd like to participate (typically via a short online interview) then please just reply on here, or drop me a line direct at:

Thanks! It would be great to hear from you.

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Re: User Experience for Information Map


Information Map / Administration / Content Sources

I beleive it will be beneficial to add a way to export or even print that List.