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Celebrating Veritas India 2021 phase one graduates and interns joining #TeamVtas

Level 4

Meet our 2021 Graduates and InternsMeet our 2021 Graduates and InternsOn 18 January 2021, we welcomed 68 interns through the Veritas University program running in Pune, India. The virtual onboarding session marked the new joiners’ first step into the professional world. This program provides college graduates with an opportunity to integrate into ongoing projects within the products teams based in Pune and showcase their talent. The interns will participate in a  range of exciting activities and experience the entire product life cycle, right from attending scrum meetings and developing applications to creating sales enablement and marketing content.

“For the past 25 years Veritas has been conducting this program successfully and helping students cross the bridge from education to the corporate world”, says Vijay Mhaskar, Vice President of Engineering, Data Protection. The program prepares interns for opportunities and positions on a global level, and many of them eventually join Veritas as full-time employees. With innovation being one of Veritas’ core values, university graduates are the ideal candidates to bring fresh perspectives along with energy and an appetite for learning. Director, India HR and Business Partner, Leucadia Milly Sandeep adds, “Veritas truly believes in nurturing young talent, and this is a big step in that direction."

2021 Virtual Graduate and Intern Onboarding2021 Virtual Graduate and Intern OnboardingPast interns of the Veritas India University program designated Veritas as ‘a great place to work.’ The following review from Mustafa Kapasi sums up the program and his time spent here: “If working here is not fun, you are doing something wrong. I met the best people here who made my campus-to-corporate transition very smooth and easy.” Ayushi Jaiswal, another intern says, “clocking into this great internship with Veritas and a great work environment is the biggest blessing I received in 2020.”

Milly adds, “We are truly excited to have young talented professionals joining us as interns from various colleges. The company has a diverse workforce and is backed by its core values that empower employees and provide a workplace susceptible to innovation. The reviews speak volumes about the culture and work/life balance here.”

Vijay concludes, “Many interns develop a liking for the technologies and work culture at Veritas and opt to continue as full-time employees. It is a truly win-win program for students and Veritas.”

If you would like to be a part of the Veritas University program, please write to me at