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Intern Spotlight – Veritas Intern Program’s commitment to engaging the next generation of innovators

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At Veritas, we encourage our employees to be bold, to be brave, and to be big thinkers! The Veritas Intern Program is dedicated to engaging today’s brightest minds, along with our industry leaders, to provide university students with the opportunity to innovate, grow, have fun, and give back to their community.

We are committed to establishing a space where interns, their mentors, and their managers can build strong working relationships, thrive, and succeed. As an intern, you are a part of the bigger picture at Veritas. Your work and your contributions create an impact within the organization, along with partnering and working alongside some of the best and brightest professionals in the industry. 

Our interns take the opportunity to gain invaluable and unique experiences that distinguishes them from others. At Veritas, we focus on the development of your career and encourage you to achieve your very best. We provide development and training workshops for interns that help foster and encourage their growth as a professional and push them to their highest potential.

Do you want to give back? One of the Veritas Employee Value Propositions (EVP) is to enable our employees to give back. This holds true for our interns as well. We know how important it is to volunteer, donate and do good, creating positive change at work, in our communities, and around the world. We ensure our interns can participate in a volunteer event during their time with us and engage with a charity that supports a bigger cause. Giving back is a part of what makes us who we are. 

What would an internship be without a little fun? Our interns globally are given the opportunity to participate in networking events and weekly activities. In India, our interns can experience events such as Vrun, and Frolic events such as celebrating Holi, and the Balewadi site launch. Our interns in the U.S. can participate in a handful of social events that include an escape room challenge, a murder mystery party, and a painting party. This summer, the internship program will be partaking in our first charity event with Extra Life, a fundraising program of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals®.

The road as an intern can lead to opening a door to join our team as an employee. Our priority as an organization is to convert our interns to full-time employees upon their graduation. As a Veritas employee, you will have the opportunity to work side by side with experts in your field, intelligently collaborating on our products and services. It’s not just an internship, it’s an experience! An experience that encourages your creativity, and allows you to spread your wings and grow, all while having fun and making an impact.  

Take a look below at what some of our interns in the US and India had to say about their experience: 


Ligiya_Mamikonyan _VOX.pngIntern Name: Ligiya Mamikonyan (US)
Role: Solutions and Product Marketing Intern with the Social and Community Team (SOCO)

When I received my offer from Veritas, I was ecstatic and am grateful to have had the opportunity to intern this Summer. Joining the Social and Community team has allowed me to grow my marketing and interpersonal skills. Starting with a growth mindset, I wanted to challenge myself with new marketing concepts and consistently take initiative. Witnessing the team’s hard work and go-getter personalities alongside their constant support motivated me to achieve all my goals. Veritas has provided me with an everlasting community of passionate interns and co-workers.


Francesca_Meninger_VOX.pngIntern Name: Francesca Meninger (US) 
Role: Copywriter Intern with the Creative Services Team (CS) 

I have never felt more welcomed into a professional community than I have during my time at Veritas. From my interviews to now, I have met and worked with a multitude of wonderful professionals who have taught me many important lessons, both in technical skills and in personal development. As the summer has progressed, I have been able to own my work and feel confident about what I am producing because of my manager’s and mentor’s belief in me. The connections I’ve made so far at Veritas have built a sense of belonging that keeps on growing.  


Anna_Shimek-VOX.pngIntern Name: Anna Shimek (US)
Role: Digital Business Analyst Intern on the Customer Success & Technology Solutions Team 

Making an impact has always been one of the most important focuses for me when looking for a job. I believe that if one’s work does not affect the greater good of the company then there is no point in doing it. That is why I have enjoyed my time as an intern at Veritas so much thus far. Even though I have only been here for a short time, I have been entrusted to complete work that will have a larger, positive impact on the company as a whole. Not only have I found value in my work here at Veritas, but I also feel valued as a person. Everyone I have worked with and interacted with has been kind, supportive, and genuine. I look forward to starting work every day and seeing what each new day will hold. I am excited to continue making a positive impact throughout the rest of my internship! 


Connor_Eslick-VOX.pngIntern Name: Connor Eslick (US) 
Role: Accounting Intern working with the External Reporting/ Technical Accounting and Revenue teams 

My experience with Veritas so far has been nothing short of incredible. The opportunities I have had to connect with my team have been very rewarding, I can tell that they truly want the best for me and have been willing to invest in me so far with their time and energy. The culture here is something that is truly practiced as it is preached, everyone I have met has been so welcoming and interested in me helping me the best they can. The internship so far has allowed me to solidify my career choice of accounting and the skills and knowledge I have learned with Veritas will help me in any path my career takes me!  


Pratik_Kunjir-VOX.pngIntern Name: Pratik Navnath Kunjir (US) 
Role: Business Analyst Intern with the Customer Support and Digital Applications team

During my time here I have got a plethora of learning opportunities, met a ton of resourceful people, and learned a lot from them, I have got some hands-on experience working on industry-standard tools, and working on client requirements has helped me sharpen my skills that I would need to be a good Business Analyst. My manager and mentor have been highly supportive and have always encouraged me to give my suggestions which has boosted my confidence helping me to do better. This internship opportunity at Veritas will shape and influence my professional life while fostering personal growth and development. 


Rashi_Sharma-VOX.pngIntern Name: Rashi Sharma (US) 
Role: Marketing Operations Intern with Marketing Team

Insightful, interactive, and rewarding – this is how I would describe my experience with the team so far! My favorite part of my internship is getting the opportunity to connect with interns and professional minds across various teams and create value for the community. I especially look forward to Friday coffee chats with the team and fun intern events! My time at Veritas is turning into an incredible learning and growing experience. Encouraging and supportive managers, mentors, and colleagues are a cherry on the top! I aspire to work at the intersection of marketing, data, and strategy operations, and I am glad that Veritas’ mission and values align with mine. My work brings out the best in me personally and professionally and motivates me to keep pushing my boundaries and contribute with my best efforts. I enjoy every moment spent with my incredible team and look forward to more! 


Rishikesh_Jagadeeswaran-VOX.pngIntern Name: Rishikesh Jagadeeswaran (RJ) (US) 
Role: Technical Business Analyst Intern (PMOps Enterprise Data Protection) 

Transitioning from a purely technical role to a more hybrid role was the primary intent of my MBA internship this summer. Veritas helped me in that transition greatly as my project involved using technology to improve the efficiency of Product management operations by satisfying enterprise customers’ unmet needs. My manager and team were readily available for any troubleshooting and queries. I had the complete freedom to solve the business problems in my way which I deeply appreciate. I was set up for success from day one of this internship. I will always remain grateful to the team for giving me the opportunity to contribute in my way and a special thanks to the University Relations team for helping all the interns to connect with each other and Veritas employees from different teams.  


Nakia_Lightwala-VOX.pngIntern Name: Nakia Lightwala (India)
Role: IT Intern 

Being an intern at Veritas never felt like an ordinary internship. This place doesn't let your curiosity go unheard. Equality persists not only for opportunities but also in terms of respect, trust, responsibility as well as opinions. It is like diving into a sea of opportunities leading towards growth and confidence along with the best leaders in the industry. The entire internship duration has been nothing but an amazing opportunity and fulfillment to put our best ideas and innovations forth. It’s an experience of a lifetime, one of a kind, and an incredible journey filled with joy, learning, appreciation, and a lot of contributions!  


Rishabh_Sharma-VOX.pngIntern Name: Rishabh Sharma (India)
Role: Software Engineer Intern with Appliances and Software Defined Storage Team (ASDS)

Working with Veritas gave me an opportunity to showcase my talent on a global level. My seniors gave me the liberty to take time and explore things in detail. They motivated me to do tasks even when I faced challenges and helped me overcome them. The more challenging task, the steeper the learning curve. My team at Veritas provided a healthy atmosphere that helped every member bring out the best in them. I gained a sense of professionalism during my internship and can’t wait to explore more challenges with Veritas.  


Rutvik_Kshirsagar-VOX.pngIntern Name: Rutvik Kshirsagar (India)
Role: Software Engineer Intern with Appliances and Software Defined Storage Team (ASDS)

My colleagues at Veritas, even the higher management, are more friendly and encouraging. My inputs were valued and acted upon, which helped me contribute on an even greater scale. The cutting-edge solutions Veritas provides to the industry are one of my key motivations to be a part of the organization. I look forward to learning more at Veritas.  


Intern Name: Shambhavi Jilkar (India)
Role: IT Intern with the Enterprise Applications team

Veritas is the organization where I started my professional career and I could not be more grateful because of the immense exposure, helpful team members, and potential for growth. Here at Veritas, you’re not just another intern but a family member provided with support, mentorship, and guidance to give you professional growth in the most holistic way possible. All this in a fun working environment where you’ll look forward to working every single day.   

Vishal_Kumar-VOX.pngIntern Name: Vishal Kumar (India) 
Role: Software Engineer Intern with Appliances and Software Defined Storage Team (ASDS)

Veritas has provided me with a great opportunity to put a step in the corporate world through such a great organization. It has provided me with a great industry mentor who guided me at every point and taught me how to solve problems on such a large scale and with a very motivating manager. It gives me the freedom to make decisions and my suggestions are always welcomed by the team. I love working here.