Veritas Roseville hosts blood drive with The Red Cross

On Thursday, March 14, the Veritas’ Roseville team worked with the local Red Cross to hold the first of their 3 yearly Blood Drives onsite – and it was a great success!

In this effort, #TeamVtas collected over 22 units of blood, an amount equivalent to saving up to 65 lives. We also had several employees donate “Power Red”, which is a process that collects red blood cells.  Donating blood is an incredible way to influence, and save, the lives of many different individuals, and #TeamVtas is proud to support this cause.

We are already planning our next blood drive with the Red Cross team, and are looking forward to the next round of #TeamVtas donations. And of course, we would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank you,” to those who donated, and the Red Cross for partnering with us in this endeavor. American-Red-Cross-logo.jpg