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Being a “Zero Inboxer” in the Age of Microsoft Office 365

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What is a zero inboxer? As explained on, “Inbox Zero is a rigorous approach to email management aimed at keeping the inbox empty – or almost empty – at all times." But is this lofty productivity goal attainable for your “zero inboxer” end users if your organization moves to Office 365?

First a bit of background - I recently had the pleasure of presenting with Yali Naguleashwaran at Vision 2017. Our session was entitled, “O365 E3 + Veritas > O365 E5: Solve Your Governance Conundrum.” The goal of our presentation was to help our customers determine the right information governance strategy as they look to make the move to Office 365.

One of our focus areas was a discussion on some of the hidden administrative costs possible with Office 365. As an example, if your end user deletes an email that is not on legal hold, they will have to submit an IT ticket to have the email restored and once their ticket comes up in the queue, a member of your IT team will have to spend up to 30 minutes to recover that email.

Imagine how frustrating this could be for you and your end users? Especially for a zero inboxer! But if you opt for to complement Office 365 with one of our Veritas archiving solutions, you can give your users self-serve access to their archive, allowing them to search emails and attachments in seconds, view them and restore them, if needed, to their inbox.

your users can have self-serve access to their archived emails so that they have

As someone who strives to be a zero inboxer, I’ve done hundreds – if not thousands – of searches in Enterprise Personal Archive. Here’s a rundown of the process in a few easy steps (I can even do this from my mobile device!) -

Step 1: Access the archive via SSO and then expand the search window

Step 1.jpg

Step 2: Add as many details as I recall. My favorite feature is the ability to select that the email has an attachment and what type of attachment it is (I use this ALL. THE. TIME)

Step 2.jpg

Step 3: In under a second, the first set of results returned, I turn on the filters to the right and narrow down the search even more. This feature is called Iterative Search and is a key differentiator for our solution.

Step 3.jpg

 Step 4: I’m down to a just a few emails, I can view each one in the preview pane and either just download the attachment or do a restore of the full message with its original attachment to my inbox. Now, I’m back in business!

Step 4.jpg

 In a nutshell, being a zero inboxer and an Office 365 user is an attainable goal with Veritas archiving solutions!

*Demo account used for screenshots.

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