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The 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for eDiscovery Software is Available

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Gartner released the 2015 Magic Quadrant for eDiscovery Software this past Tuesday and you can download the report using this link

This year’s analysis marks the fifth anniversary of Gartner publishing the Magic Quadrant for eDiscovery Software and to celebrate this milestone, the authors highlight five disruptive forces impacting the industry this year. 

The first force mentioned is migration to Office 365.  Organizations are actively evaluating the decision to move to Microsoft’s cloud service and these conversations often lead to discussions around Office 365’s native eDiscovery functionality.   Gartner cites that as “Organizations are in the process of migrating email and documents into Office 365 [they] need to take a step back on what that means to their established eDiscovery process and technology application.” 

  • Through direct collections from Office 365 and direct collections of Office 365 content archived in Enterprise Vault or Enterprise, the eDiscovery Platform makes it easy for organizations to migrate to Office 365 and remain confident in their defensible approach to preservation and discovery.  Regarding this topic, Gartner highlights the following strength for Symantec:  “The propensity to integrate with different third-party data repositories (now with Office 365) makes Symantec's eDiscovery Platform a compelling option for corporations that desire to have full control of eDiscovery process and technology”

Second, Gartner highlights concerns around new data sources and data sovereignty.  The report notes that organizations have started the dialogue on how to preserve social and Web data and whether these new types of content should be subject to the same data preservation rules. 

The third force Gartner identifies is that customers want agile and less expensive approaches to eDiscovery.  Overall, organizations have realized that the traditional project-based approach to eDiscovery is becoming unsustainable. 

  • The eDiscovery Platform‘s flexible deployment (e.g., appliance, software, hosted) and modular delivery (e.g., legal hold, collections, analysis & review) ensures that customers can implement the right-sized solution for their needs.

Fourth, Gartner notes that pricing structures continue to be simplified as customers are seeking predictable pricing and transparency.  Overall, eDiscovery costs are becoming more comparable and cost-effective for customers.

  • In the report, Gartner recognizes that Symantec recently, “revised pricing by lowering the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) for all perpetual license types and created a capacity-based subscription model.”  The updated pricing was designed to ensure that customers could easily determine the licensing model that worked best for them at the most competitive price. 

Finally, the fifth force that the report acknowledges is that vendors are increasingly expanding their offerings into the cloud.  Gartner notes the early adopters are starting with data sources that already reside in the cloud.

  • With Enterprise, Symantec already maintains a strong presence in the cloud archiving and eDiscovery market.  The product team is hard at work continuing the development and evolution of our existing product suite.      

Overall, Symantec welcomes these disruptive market forces and we are excited to empower our customers to succeed in the face of today and tomorrow’s eDiscovery challenges.  Visit our product page to learn more about the eDiscovery Platform

Download the 2015 Gartner eDiscovery Magic Quadrant