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Veritas Enterprise Vault, Office 365 & the Cloud - What's the real story?!

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I keep hearing a couple of myths about Veritas Enterprise Vault TM that are bugging me and I would like to clarify the real story for you.

Myth 1: Enterprise Vault cannot archive Office 365 content


Using Enterprise Vault's SMTP Journaling capabilities, Enterprise Vault SMTP servers can receive content from any device or application capable of sending SMTP messages, and this includes a journal stream from Office 365.

This means that if you are an moving from an on-premise Exchange environment to Office 365, you can still use Enterprise Vault as your archiving platform. Enterprise Vault already has major customers – for example, the U.S. Department of Justice, Justice Management Division – doing this today.

For information about the benefits of using Enterprise Vault to archive your Office 365 content, click here. 

Myth 2: Enterprise Vault is an on-premises only product - it does not play in the cloud


Enterprise Vault is a multi-cloud solution: it runs in the cloud, archives to the cloud and from the cloud.

Although many customers use Enterprise Vault on-premises, the truth is it can be deployed in any cloud – Microsoft Azure, Amazon’s AWS, Google, etc.  Partners such as Bluesource offer EV247 where they can migrate your existing on-premises instance of Enterprise Vault to Azure and manage the whole environment for you, or, you can deploy Enterprise Vault in the cloud and manage it yourself. Veritas can guide you on this journey with some considerations for when making that decision and support you in managing your environment when you are there.

Enterprise Vault has many cloud storage connectors so you can store your archived data to the cloud - see the Enterprise Vault Compatibility Charts for more details on supported platforms.

With the vast range of connectors offered by Globanet Merge1, Enterprise Vault can archive various sources from the cloud, and with Enterprise Vault SMTP journaling, you can also capture any SMTP content stream.

And finally, with Enterprise Vault 12.2, you can dig deeper into the data itself by classifying and analyzing it, helping you understand your data so that you can govern it and extract greater value from it.