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Deployment Policy Management - A ServerPortal has not been created for/ Java RuntimeException

Level 4

Hi all,

I wanted to open Deployment policy management window in the Netbackup Console, but there is a following error message - An exception occured:java.lang.RuntimeException: A ServerPortal has not been created for <NB_hostname> - see the picture attached. I would like to upgrade Netbackup clients using Vx update from Netbackup Appliance master server, but without setting up a Deployment Policy it is not possible, is it?

Do you have any experience with this type of error? I have no clue since I am not a java developer :(


Level 6

Hi @JimmyB2 

Upgrading clients (and media servers) is easy using VxUpdate and you don't have to setup policies. 

In the host properties section of the java gui, right click on the host and choose the upgrade host option. Choose the package to install, change the type to an install (the default is just a precheck), select the server that pushes the package and away you go. 

It is possible to select multiple clients in one go and upgrade them all at one time.