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Netbackup Appliance Upgrade 2.7.x

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Thank you for considering this.

We are soon going to upgrade our NBU Appliance 5230 to version 2.7.3  (From 2.7.1). Master is already upgraded to 7.7.3



What are the precautionary steps i need to complete first before NBU Appliance upgrade to 2.7.3  (ln case, if I need to do ROLLBACK, then i have everything available) . Ofcourse, we do not have option to secure our backup images on Appliance (can not duplicate to other devices).

Starting from 2.7.x, we do see Appliance_catalogue_Policy autimatically gets created on Master, please, how would this help?

Any highlevel steps to complete the upgrade from experienced team would help our DC team.






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Any 1 out there to reply on this.





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Any input please

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I haven't jumped on the 7.7/2.7 bandwagon yet (still at but there are a couple of things I've learned from my 5220's and 5230.

1) Make sure you do a normal reboot first before anything else.  That way if the drives are past their auto-FSCK timeframe the FSCK will happen now, not as part of the upgrade.

2) You're already on 2.7.something so you've already fought the "I need a little more space and need to shrink other partitions" issue.

3) You're already on 2.7.something so your backup images are on an entirely different partition than the OS.  So any OS upgrade/changes shouldn't affect the images.

4) You're already on 2.7.something so your dedup partition won't need that much of an upgrade/conversion...just a touch here/there due to small changes made.


All that being said, read and re-read the release notes and the upgrade guide.  And budget at least the minimum time listed in those documents for the upgrade.  Also, don't trust IPMI if you don't have to.  A directly connected keyboard and screen is the best insurance to see what's going on.

Also, just to try to ward of Mr. Murphy and his Minions, make sure you have Support's phone number and your contract ID handy.  Perhaps even write them down on a piece of paper and show it to the Appliance <GRIN>.  And don't be afraid to call them if you think something has gone sideways.