Top Reasons NetBackup Appliances Beat Dell EMC Data Domain

Many organizations look to protect their key data assets with a backup and recovery appliance solution like the Veritas 5340 NetBackup appliance. Dell EMC offers a Data Domain appliance for backup and recovery. However, a target appliance like Data Domain isn’t a single stop solution. It doesn’t include the data mover, scheduling, media management capabilities, or additional hardware such as a master server and one or more media servers. NetBackup appliances integrate multiple components into a single device, streamlining management, operation, and support. Tight integration with NetBackup software gives you a way to cut costs and remove complexity across the entire organization.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 3-2.png

 The multiple advantages of Veritas NetBackup appliances compared to Data Domain below indicate clear superiority in the areas of management, continuous operation, and sheer performance. For organizations looking for a data protection appliance that delivers true enterprise-class performance and scalability with ease-of-use, there is clearly just one choice—Veritas.

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Re: Top Reasons NetBackup Appliances Beat Dell EMC Data Domain

What is an advertisement ?

I think that here we are all profesionists and we know the potentiality of the Appliance but also the potentiality of the DataDomain (that, I think is a different machine, but very powerfull!).

I am so sorry but I don't share this type of post, if I was a VOX administrator I would close this one.

It is only my thinking, best regards

Re: Top Reasons NetBackup Appliances Beat Dell EMC Data Domain

Any documentation comparing the NB Appliance solution to Rubrik?