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VER5000W Drive Carrier

Level 2

Hello. Recently purchased a used Netbackup VER5000W.  I'm not too familiar with these units. 

the unit did not come with any drive caddies. I'm having a really hard time finding a part number/spare units to purchase. can anyone shed some light on this issue for me ? 

Thanks in advance.


Level 4

Veritas does not publish details about appliances (part numbers) as it is supposed to be handled by them, so you do not have to worry about anything.
what is the model of the appliance, which I think most probably its EOLS is already reached.let me see if I can get anything for you.
BTW I believe you can use install any available HDD (10K,15K) and it should be fine.

Level 2

I have tried to search for spare parts on the site and haven't been able to find anything. 

hey. thanks for the info. 

the sticker on the side shows SYS-VES-NBU5240-209