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NBU IT Analytics Success rate graphs for Host/Server Groups

Level 2

Currently, we are utilising the standard Backup SLA graph in IT Analytics, which includes job columns, volume, success SLA, and success rate. However, this graph tends to be rather cluttered and confusing.

Has anyone made a success rate graph on that uses a line graph or any other format that clearly depicts this metric for the host groups without the additional data points such as # of job columns and volumes or SLA line.

Is there a graph that comes standard in IT analytics that has the above or if anyone is willing to share one?


Level 3

NetBackup IT Analytics User Guide (

Customize a Dashboard OR Report.

Could you send a print about your doubt? I don't get your point.
We have to do more discussion here because IT analytics is a tool rich about details but so much complex, some months I'm fighting with this tool for get my reports.