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Is SAN Volume Backups possible using PD

Level 2
Hi ,
I would like to know if SAN Volume backups are possible using PD. I want to try this on our test environment with Puredisk 6.5. Scenario is : 4 File and Print servers with 2MB WAN Link at different locations. What I want is to efficently utilize PD and NBU 6.5.2 and get backup completed within timeframe as now backups are not completed with netbackup. Getting very slow speed.
I donno how to configure Puredisk to backup SAN Volume Drives. I tried once using UNC path but it didnt worked.
Waiting for reply. Please provide if any Technote or link to follow the steps.

Level 3
PureDisk can backup network mapped drives. Have you tried mounting these SAN volume drives on a machine on which you are running a PureDisk agent? It should work.

Level 2
Thanks Mayur for your prompt response.
However I had installed PD agent on that server. I gave the UNC path for backup but it backups only Folder Structure but no files in it.

Thanks and regards,
Manish P V