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MediaServer + PDDO plugin on content router?

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Has somebody tried to install a netbackup mediaserver + pddo plugin on a pdos server which act as content router?

Is it working?

Is it supported?


Thanks, Peter


Level 3
In theory, this will work. But this configuration has not been officially tested by Symantec and therefore is currently not officially supported.

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Tought I give it a try, but when I try to install the pddo plugin he tells me that it's not possible because there is already Puredisk software installed on the server.

To bad, because with the pddo plugin on the cr you will have much less network traffic.



Level 5

If you are trying to reduce network bandwidth, you would want to use the PureDisk Client, (Source based De-dup).

If you're trying to reduce Disk Space, inside the DC, use PDDO.

If you're trying to reduce Processing time on the client, use PDDO


I don't understand the need to de-dup at the source, and at the target.


If by chance, you're exporting to NetBackup tape, and want to write de-dupped data out to tape, why?

Sure, you'll fit more data on less tape, but why do you do this tape out? Usually because you need to protect the data for Disaster Recovery purposes.

If you write all this data out in a deduplicated format, complete with the metadata needed to rehydrate the data, how do you recover it?

You rebuild your NetBackup Server

You import your Catalog

While that's running, you start building all your other servers, including your PureDisk Server...

You start restoring  your PureDisk server, metadata, and deduped data.


Now, after all that is done, you begin restoring the data.  If the data you dumped out to tape in a deduplicated form doesn't have a fast RTO, I suppose you're okay here, but if you need the data back quickly, I would recommend using an alternative approach, (Write rehydrated data to tape) then you can start restoring as soon as your catalog is imported.