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NSS 8.3 Release Highlights

NSS 8.3 will be released on 29th July 2020, here is an overview of what's in the release....

Agentless File Restore

The agentless file restore feature lets you restore individual files and folders to VMware virtual machines where the NetBackup client is not installed.

You can restore files or folders to the original virtual machine and overwrite any existing files or folders. You can also restore to a subfolder on the virtual machine. Alternatively, you can restore to an alternate virtual machine. In all cases, you must provide administrative credentials for the client to initiate a restore. This restore action includes a pre-recovery check.

The feature is only available on the VMware virtual machines that NetBackup 8.2, or higher protects . VMware vCloud Director virtual machines are also supported.

Agent-based file restore is still available.

VMware vCenter Auto-Discovery

Self Service can now automatically discover and synchronize the VMware assets that are registered at any linked master server. As an administrator, you can use the flexible tenant mapping facility to map assets to configured Self Service tenants.

This mapping can be based on vCenter server, data center, cluster, host, folder, or custom tag filters.

The feature is available for NetBackup master servers 8.2 or higher.

Backup Image Expiration

You can now expire a backup image that is associated with your assets in Self Service. The Backups tab in the Asset Detail page shows a listing of backup images that are discovered from all linked master servers for the asset. You can select the expire image action against any row.

VMware In-Place Disk Restore

A new restore action is available for all VMware virtual machines as an alternative to whole virtual machine restore. This new In-Place Disk Restore action lets you restore all disks without altering attributes such as the MoRefId.

You need a compatible master server to take advantage of this feature. You must enable the option in the Backup Server administration page.

Whole VMware Restore Enhancements

The whole virtual machine restore feature is enhanced to let you control the disk provisioning method. Disk provisioning encompasses allocation and formatting of free space and can affect restore speeds.

Additional Enhancements

  • The Self Service API now supports restoration of a VMware vCloud Director virtual machine to an alternate container.

  • Self Service now supports vCloud Director 9.5. You can also enter your vCenter Credentials within the Assets Import > vCloud Director page.

Self Service Plug-ins & Apps

  • NetBackup Self Service vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) plug-in 1.1
    A new workflow is available to register a vCenter virtual machine as managed by a business group in vRealize Automation (vRA).

  • NetBackup Self Service VMware vCloud Director plug-in 1.0
    A new VMware vCloud Director (vCD) plug-in is now available. This plug-in allows customers to access Self Service actions from within the vCD user interface.

Platform Enhancements

  • Self Service Database Configuration

         Changing the location of the Self Service database is now easier, which simplifies migration between environments.

  • Support for SQL Server TDE & TLS
    Self Service is now validated as supporting TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) and TLS (Transport Layer Security).

  • Support for Windows Server 2019
    Installation on Windows Server 2019 systems is now supported.