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Self Service 8.0 - Customer having an issue with IIS certificate

Level 3

My customer is having an issue with their IIS certificate.   When they setup Self Service they got a one year temporary ceritificate, but they got a new Client certificate.  When they go to Service url in Integration Settings in Self Service, they try to enter http, but they get the following error

couldn't establish trust relationship with SSL/TSL

If they use hmtl instead there is no issue.  

It seems that it is looking for the old temporary certificate.

Has anybody seen this before or knows about IIS ceritfication.

Thank you







Level 3

Hi Nicola, 

IIS Certificates are part of the web server configuration, rather than a part of NSS setup.This would fall under server setup rather than NSS setup. We can give advice on IIS, but as its not our product we can only offer limited support.

First, it would be wise to check that the certificate issues matches the URL you're using.

For example, if the IIS certificate is for, and the URL for your site is it'll throw up an error. You'll need to confirm the two match.

This would cover the majority of SSL issues we see.


Hello Casper,


Than you for responding tio the query so quickly.  Customers are told that when it comes to issues with IIS, they have to resolve this on their own.  As we don't have training, so it it also a case I cannot escalate.  So I was hoping someone might have seen the issue on another site, or knew a great deal about IIS.

I will pass on your feedback to them.




Hi Nicola,

We have working knowledge of IIS, and application of certificates, but as with everything, its often best to go to the product support team. 


I do suggest though that they check that the site the certificate is issued with matches the site they're trying to browse to, this is often the cause in situations like this.