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Alias of media servers

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I Have a media server which has multiple interfaces as follows





where media is a production network and remaining all three are backup networks belonging to backup VLAN.

In my setup only media is listedunder list of media servers.

now i have question.. is it necessary to have all these interfaces listed under host properties > Media servers .

If yes, how to achieve it ?


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In my setup only media is listedunder list of media servers.

In what location ?. Is that in bp.conf on the master server or on the clients ?

Is the default gateway configured "media" interface ?


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" In my setup only media is listedunder list of media servers. "

Where in your setup?
Under Host Properties? 

To my knowledge, the media server list under Host Properties is linked to media server names used in Storage Unit Configuration.

What is important is that Clients in backup-vlan1 have Server entry (in bp.conf or registry) for Media_bak1 and that Client name in policy is Client_bak1.
Forward and reverse name lookup between Media_bak1 and Client_bak1 must be working fine.
Same for rest of backup lans...


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Is that master able to resolve all three aliases?

bptestbpcd -host media_bak1

bptestbpcd -host media_bak2

bptestbpcd -host media_bak3

Using multiple aliases of one host in NBU.may causes to comunication failure.

Thanks & Regards


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such a setup will always cause problems and some are not satisfactorily soluble.
If you have a setup with multihomed host which share more than one network you will have a hard time to use any "backup vlan" for backup traffic, unless it's the network the default route points to. You can setup source routing (with an alternative routing table), but that causes a lot of admin effort.
We had such a setup for many years and it caused more problems than it was worth.
My advice is to setup media servers with just one network which is the needed backup vlan, if you want to save hardware use a VM.
Multihomed host as netbackup servers cause problems, and especially windows application systems as backup client won't easily work with that (exchange, hyperv). The "higher functions" for agents work only with their standard interface.

good luck, have fun


Hi It is under media server tab in host properties in activity monitor.

I am unable to do anything at netbackup end..

Now I have a strong belief that these things can only be managed at network end only.

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You should be able to get this working, but like slorengel says... it might not be easy.  Any attempt to help you with this will take several iterations.

We need to follow a three stage process:

i) Determine O/S types and versions, and NetBackup roles, and NetBackup versions.

ii) Determine actual server names and IP addresses.

iii) Determine what needs to be set/configured/changed.


So, stage i) is:

1) NetBackup Master Server, server O/S version and NetBackup version?

2) NetBackup Media server name, O/S version and NetBackup version?

3) For one client in VLAN _bak1, client O/S and NetBackup version?

4) For one client in VLAN _bak2, client O/S and NetBackup version?

5) For one client in VLAN _bak3, client O/S and NetBackup version?

6) Are you also NAT'ing any of the NetBackup Servers or NetBackup Clients?

...once we have the above basic details then we can work out what commands we need you to run for stage ii).

FYI - a lot of sites that attempt to do this eventually resort to just using hosts file name entries and do not bother with DNS or NIS.  But we'll have to base a decision on whether to do that or not when we learn a bit more about the basics.