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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Netbackup with Linux NFS storage backend

Details:  Veritas Netbackup (Master & Media Servers)  Both on RedHat Enterprise Linux  6.5.              NFS server : RedHat Enterprise Server 6.5 --> NFS version - NFS3 or NFS4  Hi , I need your help in configuring my Netbackup infrastruc...

TJAD by Not applicable
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Resolved! Server Status: Communication with the server has not been initiated or the server status has not been retrieved from the serve

Hi, in our enviroment we have one WinMaster 7.7.2 in Win2k8Stnd and three NBU 5220 2.7.2 as a media server. Yesterday we notice that the oracle policies (10 policies) has problems with status code 6 in the NBU, but looking the logs messages at the c...

Breaky_08 by Level 3
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Failed to get list of data file-systems from "hostname"

Hi all  I've a big problem   When i try to create a policy for ENIQ_STATS_ONBLADE_DATA_xxxhostnamexxx-e1-1 i receive the following error:   => Adding Backup Selections (i.e. what to backup) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...

qeialto by Level 3
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Resolved! a proper BMR backup for Exchange

NBU i plan to do a BMR backup of our Exchange DAG environment. currently, i already have a backup policy running for the Exchange databases so i figured i'm covered when a restore is required. however, for Exchange itself, as it is i would h...

manatee by Level 6
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NetBackup for VMware error 13 (solution)

NetBackup for VMware error 13 Hi All, I post this previously: It took quite long time to solve even with the Symantec support, then I am sorry I forgot to post the solution earlie...

(84) media write error

Hi Guys   Please assist with below error getting while VMDK backups running to Netbackup appliance using san transport.     06/15/2016 01:35:52 - Critical bptm (pid=240507) A portion of data to be included from a previous backup (backupid = NRCA...

Generate a Move Template by command line, possible?

I can generate a Move Template by using the NetBackup MS SQL Client without problems, it locates the NBIMAGE, and correctly identifies the MOVE parameter to use. The logical dbname is not the same as the one that's found in the NBIMAGE even when pars...

Resolved! parent job fails for database backup

Master        SunOS 5.9     UNIX    Master Server    6.5.6    Connected Media        SunOS 5.10     UNIX    Media Server    6.5.6    Connected   I know the NBU version is not supported but to let you all know that we are already in discussion with...

Resolved! License information for netbackup

i would like to get some information regarding the product name/description regarding the netbackup licensing . Could any one help us get the details...(regarding what is the purpose of each product). 1. NETBACKUP ENT SERVER WLS 1 SERVER HARDWA...

Resolved! How can I determine if netbackup is performing cleaning?

Hey, I don't remember what article I followed but I inserted a cleaning tape to the robot, and created a barcode rule, setting it to HC_CLN. it is now showing up in 'none' volume pool like I understand it is suppose to. (the robot itself is unaware ...

gkman by Level 5
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Resolved! LiveUpdate error 77

Hi everyone. I am trying to update my clients to the new client software using live update. (all different versions of windows servers- clients are not older than 7.5) at first I have tried doing so with file share (over SMB), but then I discovered...

gkman by Level 5
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About bpstart_notify.bat.

Hi all.   I want to netbackup running to backup and then bpstart_notify script create test folder or file(example -> test.txt) which in C:\etc.   What should i add sentence to bpstart_notify.bat file?   Help! Let me know...   @REM $ Id: bpsta...

hantaeyung by Level 3
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Resolved! status 58 error

Hi all I am working on a status 58 error 1)here client is Linux server with 7.5 version of the netbackup and master is also a linux server with 7.6 version 2)I ran this command from master ./bptestbpcd -client axxxxxx-f  it doesn't return anything ...

nmour92 by Level 3
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Can multiple media servers access same DSU (path)?

Hi, Due to budget constraints we currently don't use DPO, SLPs, or anything "advanced" like most do these days, and as such only have a single media server doing all basic disk staging to some NFS shares, then using vault to duplicate to tape. I wou...

error 158 while bpduplicate

Hi, I am getting the below error while bpduplciate runs - 06/12/2016 14:30:21 - Error bpduplicate (pid=24492) Could not lock backupid:, copy 2; duplicate of image in progress 06/12/2016 14:30:21 - Error bpduplicate (pid=2449...