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Altavault & DataDomain as VMware virtual appliances - anybody using these & are they any good?

Level 3

Is anybody actually using NetApp's Altavault or EMC's virtual DataDomain (DD) and are they any good.

From what I can see :

  • Virtual DD is a copy of the regular DD the big difference you add your own disk.
  • Altavault virtual appliance is similar but the NBU media server OST plug-in doesn't have any dedupe capability. Its restricted to NetApp private cloud or public cloud vendors.

I'm already using using DD with the OST plug-in plus NBU MSDP


Level 5
Partner Certified


I happen to be certified on both.

Altavault is great in my mind with something like Netbackup Replication Director. For catalogging snapshots on Netapp of a Server/Share and then doing copy and replication Management.

DataDomain VE works extremely well at most of our clients under 40TB(I know it scales to something like 96TB). It's definatly more "versatile" and widely used in the backup space for generic backups if you ask me. DD VE Doesn't support DDboost of FC or anything outside the network protocols(NFS/CIFS/DDBoost over LAN).