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Backup Enterprise Vault partially successful status 1

Level 4

I have an Enterprise Vault backup policy that is ending with status 1.

This policy backs up the closed partition.

Added policy, logs and active monitor information.



Level 4

Has anyone seen anything like that that can help me?

Hi @danguss 

No I have not seen this, but the problem is with the bpresolver activity of the backup (NetBackup discovering EV). Looking at the resolver logs it is possible that your backup selection is incorrect (not being an EV expert not 100% sure). Do you actually have any partitions in the ready state? I can only see mention of closed partitions (Ptn 1 & Ptn 3) and no ready partitions.

There should be a file on your EV server called EVBackup.xml (in the ...\Enterprise Vault\Reports\ folder). This will provide a breakdown of the EV components, types and names and allow you the check/verify that your backup selections are correct.