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Backup images size on NetBackup 9.1

Level 3

I am searching the Backup image size on local Media server (Appliance) and as well as Off-site server (Appliance)
I was generated / found the backup images size in (Netbackup Management-->Report-->Disk Report --> Image on disk) path on NetBackup version 8.2

But after upgrade from 8.2 to 9.1, I am unable to find the backup images size on below ways:
Netbackup Management-->Report-->Disk Report --> Image on disk
Netbackup Management-->Catalog
OR unable to find the report in OpsCenter 9.1

Also I am trying to search actual data transfer size report from Appliance1 to Appliance2 (Off-site) (Appliance is 5240 4.1)
for analyze how much data travel from WAN.