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Basic Disk Catalog Backup

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Hi everyone,

This is my first post and I'm new to NetBackup. I having problem how to do catalog backup and recovery from domain A to domain B.

I already done backup the catalog on domain A with Basic Disk. How am I gonna replicate the Basic Disk from domain A to domain B?

Domain A: Flex Appliance NetBackup 10.3

Domain B: RHEL 8.4 (NetBackup 10.3)



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First, replicating backups of a basic disk to another disk is not the optimal way. use a deduplication pool and SLP.
Second, I have the filing that there is something wrong here, as you can not create a basic disk on a flex appliance. Do you have an external (to flex) master or media server?

Third, restoring a database backup of flex master server to a BYO master server is not supported

Actually, I'm able to created a basic disk which the option already there when creating the storage disk. My flex environment have instances of master server, media server and worm storage.



HI @ikmalj 

If the Basic Disk storage unit is on a Flex instance, then unless you know what you were doing, the backups on the storage will probably disappear if you restart the instance (this is by design as an instance is a docker container that is rebuilt when it starts from a template). Basic disk storage units are not supported on a Flex instance - only MSDP and Advanced disk (the option is there to support BYO media servers). Storage pools are first created via the Flex console, then you configure this storage in NetBackup (instructions are contained in the various Flex instance and admin guides). 

As for what you have asked - this is also not supported, you cannot import the catalog from a Flex master server into a BYO RHEL server, it wont work (the services on the RHEL machine are unlikely to start fully if at all). There are dependencies in the database specifying the master name and various path locations).

Let's go back a step - what are you trying to achieve with the RHEL server? From the answer to this, the forum can help guide you. 

If you are looking to create a DR master, then maybe you should review the material on NetBackup AIR.



Ok understood your concern.

Here is the thing. I have assignment been assigned to create new NetBackup environment in RHEL that has two domain (PRD and DR). It consist of master server and media server (MSDP, Advanced Disk). But before I initiate other things, I need to make a catalog backup move to RHEL environment that collected from Flex Appliance which already built completely.

Once this done, I have do to all stuffs of SLP, policies, AIR. Also, backup from PRD domain and initiate restore from DR domain. Then, create 2 workloads of MySQL and MS SQL. Lastly, created Media Server with Universal Share to do the anomaly scan and malware detection scan.


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DR NBU instance cannot be created with Catalog Backup/Restore. It is neither supported nor necessary. As mentioned above, refer to NetBackup AIR topic.

You have mentioned that you are NBU newbie, however you are starting NBU learning with a relatively advanced scenario. I recommend you to undertake NetBackup admin training first.





I have done exactly this on solaris, using OS  level volume replication (VVR)

Then in a DR situation, rename my dr master to the prod name, and restore the disk as production.

It worked like a champ. 

HOWEVER - it is NOT an approved method. NetBackup wants you to use AIR to replicate the images to DR so the catalog is already updated. Seemed kind of stupid to me since I was using TAPE and bringing tapes back from Iron Mountain and not replicating all my production data there, however since you DO have disks, you likely should follow the approved path and define AIR replication of your DR backups.

NetBackup on Solaris 11, writing to Data Domain 9800
duplicating via SLP to LTO5 & LTO8 in SL8500 via ACSLS