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Calendar based schedule for monthly backup

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Hi Guys

I set up a monthly backup schedule, it runs every last sunday evening of the month but our start time is 10 PM (as a requirement) The backup window start is 10 PM of sunday until 12 pm of monday. 

My question is do I need to include also the monday in include dates tab? I am worried if I dont tick the monday the backup will not be successful.


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Start date in calendar based schedule only control the start day of the backup, it does not control the end. once backup is triggered at 10 PM and become active, nothing in the schedule can fail it.

 if the policy triggered at 10 PM does not become active until 12 PM Monday then your backup will fail with EC 196.

once the backup is triggered at 10 PM and failed before just 12 midnight Monday  i will not restart since the calendar day is changed to Monday even you have retry attempts enabled.  this is something worth considering.