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Can we do the image import the Copy 2 after the Copy 1 of the same image has successuflly imported?

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Hi All,. 

We moved or NetBackup from cluster to non cluster and  we didn't migrate the catalog. We also had lots of 5 years retention backup. We had the onsite copy then we duplicate to send offsite, so we have copy 1 onsite and copy 2 onsite.

After the new NetBackup server, we need to do image import the tapes. I found out once we image import let say image A (copy 1) then I could not import the same image from the offsite tape (copy 2), Is it a normal  behaviour?

The reason being we want to do that is we wanted to re-catalog all the Tapes onsite or offsite. If above is the normal behaviour that means I can only import to the catalog eithe onsite or offsite?


Iwan Tamimi


Level 6
Yes this is the normal behaviour.. If 1 copy exists in NetBackup you cannot import another copy directly.. The job would report that the image already exists and skip it..

While moving from cluster to standalone ideally the consultants should have assisted in moving the catalog as well.. without the NetBackup catalog it is as good as a new empty master..

I believe you performed the task without involving Veritas Consultants. Am I right.?

Thank you very much  for the answer. Yes the company did not want to pay for the consultant :(.




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I hope that you have informed Management.
Decisions like this have consequences ...

There is a saying - 'penny wise, pound foolish'.