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Catolog problems

Level 4
We recently built and implemented a new Netbackup 6 architecture and left our old Netbackup 5.1 architecture in place for restore purposes (until all media expires in a month or so)(this allowed us to upgrade all our hardware and get a fresh NB load).

This morning I went to restore files from 2 files servers and they no longer show up in the catalog on the NB 5.1 server. Is there anyway to read in a catalog tape to verify if those clients have images on the catalog on tape(s)? Secondly, how would only 2 servers fall out of the catalog? I double checked the catalog only 2 weeks ago for the client images and they were in the catalog and the images were not scheduled to expire this quickly. I know for a fact that the clients had been backing up every week, these servers are our bread and butter around here and one of the highest priority backups/restores. The only other possibility I can think of is that one of our staff did a BPEXPDATE.... Any other Ideas?

Level 5
Ok Timothy,
The situation looks kinda grim mate, i dunno how much i can or my info can be of any assistance to you but would suggest you to give it a thought.

1) check out the bptm logs for the state of the respective media id if you have it.
2) check out the db/media/errors file for the media
3) I guess yoou must have restored the catalogue from netbackup 5.1 during migration.

if youhave done something like that, try this procedure out i hope it works

2. Configure a special volume pool at the new site that will never be used for backups.
3. Setup barcode rules for the incoming tapes to put them in the special volume pool.
4. Ensure there are no active backups for the desired clients. One way to ensure this is to stop the
NetBackup services/daemons on the master server.
5. Copy the desired client directories at the originating site. This would be the contents of
/usr/openv/netbackup/db/images/ on UNIX master servers or
\Program Files\VERITAS\netbackup\db\images\ on Windows master servers.
6. You can now move the client data (tapes) and catalog data to the new site.
7. Merge the copied images into the catalog at the new location.
8. Put the tapes in the library at the new location.
9. To ensure none of the moved tapes can be overwritten you might want to write protect them.
10. Inventory the robot containing the moved tapes.
11. Put the appropriate FORCE_RESTORE_MEDIA_SERVER entry or entries in bp.conf. When you put this
entry in bp.conf you will need to recycle bprd. This can be done from the General Server tab in the
master server host properties on UNIX or Windows.
12. If you moved primary copies of the tapes then you are ready to restore. If you moved non-primary tapes
then you will need to change the primary copy for all the images being moved.

Ankur Kumar