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Cleaning tape without barcode label

Level 6

We have received a cleaning tape without barcode label. I some how managed to assign a dummy barcode label and density for that tape in NetBackup. However during cleaning operation NB still can't recognize that as cleaning tape. Is there a work around until we get the barcode labels.


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I do not think so. 

Get a cleaning label before using the cleaning tape, as you mention having a cleaning tape with a data label will create all sort of havoc in the backup operation.

Alternative, you may be able to print your own cleaning label until a commercial cleaning label can be procured.


Level 6
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Quite a few libraries won't allow tapes with no barcodes - for example I tried this as a test on a Qunatum library, it just threw an ASC/ASCQ error.

I also tested putting the non barcoded tape in the CAP/ MAP - it completely disabled the MAP, making it unusable.

You could, if need be open the library and pop the cleaning tape into a drive by hand.