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Compatability between Oracle ASM and Veritas Netbackup

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Hi Experts,

I am a solution architect for one of the project and stuggling to understand the solution proposal for one of the customer. So the situation is like this ---

There are couple of Oracle Databases with ASM Confiigured, now customer is looking for a backup and restore solution to Tapes, wehave proposed Veritas Netbackup. Now there are couple of doubts related with the compatability issues between Oracle ASM and Netbackup Software.

1. Is it possible for netbackup software to interact with the ASM disks (Backup Disk Group) and fetch the data using its policies.

2. The other option coming is - instructing RMAN to take backups and without keeping them in disk stream them over to the Tapes ? -- In this case is there any need of Netbackup Software ?
3. Current poicy: They are taking their backups using RMAN to ASM disk groups, any way to move those backups directly from the ASM groups to tapes using netbackup ?

4. I know their are certain limitations when using ASM - Clone or snapshor and Proxy level backups are not possible .... Any other limitations with the ASM which i missed or any other issues with ASM ??

Please Help, i am struck in a real difficult situation.


Thanks Guys,



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Think the Netbackup Admin Guide can answer most these questions, maybe together with the Netbackup Snapshot Client Admin Guide for some of the disk stuff. As ASM is nothing new I would assume it is supported by Netbackup.

Netbackup as been able to do "normal" rman backups since at least version 3.4

The standard questions: Have you checked: 1) What has changed. 2) The manual 3) If there are any tech notes or VOX posts regarding the issue

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1. Is it possible for netbackup software to interact with the ASM disks (Backup Disk Group) and fetch the data using its policies. 

NetBackup does not "fetch data from disk". Oracle rman does this job. 
When Oracle rman is linked to NBU, the rman part is working exactly the same as backing up to disk - the backup medium is changed from sbt_disk to sbt_tape. 
The symbolic link in Oracle library path then sends the data to NetBackup, and from NetBackup to the media server storage.

2. and 3.
Backing up to disk and from there to NBU is a 2-step process. 
Restore will also be a 2-step process.
'Someone' always needs to look out for disk space to ensure old disk backups are deleted and that there is sufficient space for new backups. 
Rman disk backups and NBU backups need to be co-ordinated carefully so that NBU backups do not start while disk backups are still in progress...
Backing up to NBU is a 1-step process. Same for restores.

4. See NetBackup for Oracle Administrator's Guide